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Jaye Watson
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Jaye Watson uploaded a new video.

I heard the 1st grader singing in the shower. I thought I heard her wrong. So as soon as I got her wrapped in a towel I asked her to sing me the song. She began with "It's my favorite, Mama..." Even off key, she made me and her daddy cry.

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Jaye Watson
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Jaye Watson with Kenny Hamilton and Vivian Watson

The 8 year old loves to help me cook. Today she asked, "When you were little, helping Nana cook, was it scary to have to cook over a big fire?"

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Jaye Watson Debbie Callahan Loizzo, you win.

March 22, 2015 at 11:55 am

Jaye Watson
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Jaye Watson with Kenny Hamilton

She's dressed and ready for her brother's ice hockey practice.

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