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I am sitting next to her in the front seat of our metallic blue Chevy Monte Carlo, my bare feet dangling above the floorboards, the backs of my skinny legs sticking to the vinyl seat. My mother is at the

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I am four people away from getting my single Friday night margarita when I see my husband frantically waving me out of line at our favorite taco joint. I had been deep in conversation with a dad behind me who

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About A Boy

Epiphany is a big word. We’ve all had them, the aha moment that awakens you to a new truth. For my friend Jake Burke, his epiphany happened in the middle of a McDonald’s six years ago. “We were in line

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Starbucks Shot o’ Truth

Yesterday I received a FB message from a friend of mine who was at Starbucks during what is normally a packed morning rush. ‘I’m sitting at one of the busiest Starbucks in Atlanta at the intersection of Mansell Rd and

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Week 1

  It has been one week. For some of you, it’s the week your country started heading in a better direction. For others, it’s the week that everything you care about went to hell in a hand basket. We are

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Second Act

I was about a mile from my house when I noticed it. A tiny bug on the windshield of my car that had likely been there since I pulled out of my driveway. His veiny, delicate cellophane wings were flapping

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The Outside In

He definitely wasn’t reading. He kept flipping through the same pages, stopping and pretending to read, his eyes darting up to look around every 30 seconds or so. He was tucked into one of the few comfy chairs, one hand

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In Between

Many years ago I stood in the doorway of my new studio apartment, one of my best friends facing me. We stared at each other, wordless, tears streaming down our faces. I didn’t want to close the door, because then it

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A Plea

The low point for me was when a neighbor had a sign stolen from her yard and posted about it in the security section of our neighborhood website. Fifty commenters chastised her for the name on that sign. They made

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Ugly Vote

As a critic of people who try to portray perfection on social media, I need to call out — myself. I posted this photo yesterday after I voted. There we are, the mommy and her children, blissed out by the

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Kissing Frogs

My excuse for telling my 9 year old daughter who she should marry is that I was delirious. It happened as she was kissing me good night and tucking me in. I get up at 2 am for my job,

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My husband and I screwed up so badly last weekend that we didn’t even try to blame each other. Imagine that, a giant screw up in which neither spouse points the finger at the other. Yep, that’s how obviously awful

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The Break Up

There were signs I should have noticed. That’s always the way with hindsight. He was unhappy. Complaining. Even angry. I still didn’t think my husband would do it, even though he’d been threatening to do it for months. I mean, who

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Gold Medal Mama

My after work snack the other day was smoked salmon on thin, golden toasted bread sprinkled with just the right amount of capers and minced red onion. Yesterday, I devoured homemade chicken salad, hand picked from a roasted chicken that

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Black and Blue

A few years into my journalism career, I became friends with a fellow reporter. When you’re young in the business, small town newsrooms are makeshift college campuses, everyone living on next to nothing paychecks, far from home, pooling their resources

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