Casper and Creed

It’s not always easy for me to tell kid stories. Far too often, the kids in my stories have had to endure something incredibly difficult — a tragedy or an illness. It’s impossible for me not to make that child my child, not to make their parents’ agony my agony.

I feel a great responsibility, a weight even, to get it right.

Casper at work at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Casper at work at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Today, scrolling through Facebook, trying to overcome writer’s block on a story I needed to finish, I saw that it was Casper’s birthday. Casper is a service dog with Canine Assistants who works at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

A little bit further down the feed, Stephanie Hardage Campbell wished her son Creed a happy 9th birthday.

Creed's mom's used this picture to wish him a happy 9th birthday

Creed’s mom’s used this picture to wish him a happy 9th birthday

As soon as I saw it I began to cry.

The reason I know Casper and the reason I know Creed is because they loved each other very much. I did not know they shared the same birthday.

It makes sense.

I was lucky enough to tell their story with my husband, Children’s photojournalist Kenny Hamilton.

Creed did not live to see his 9th birthday. His mom wrote in her Facebook message, ‘I love you to heaven and back.’

Happy birthday Casper and Creed.

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2 comments on “Casper and Creed
  1. Cathy Wilkes says:

    Jaye that was the most heart warming story. I was cry at the end. Please keep your stories coming. I also loved the hormone story, you hit it right on the money with that one.

  2. Erin says:

    Sweet boy up in heaven. A reminder to hug our children and be thankful for what we have today and now.

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