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Casper and Creed

It’s not always easy for me to tell kid stories. Far too often, the kids in my stories have had to endure something incredibly difficult — a tragedy or an illness. It’s impossible for me not to make that child

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The Car I’ll Never Forget

My husband and I had heard about a guy driving a crazy car around the city. We set about finding him, and once you see the car in this piece, you will understand why it’s rather hard not to find

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The Original Anchorman

Ted Hall is a silly man. Yes, he’s smart and has good journalistic sense. But he is also quietly hilarious, irreverent, and self deprecating. He can quote ‘Anchorman’ in a way that would make Ron Burgundy swell with pride. Ted is

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Doug Richards

Doug Richards is a wry sort of fellow. An eyebrow-arching, smarmy, smirking kinda guy. A man who can gut you with a question or craftily constructed sentence. But here’s the truth behind those bushy brows and words that jab like

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Why a Homeless Man Ran the Peachtree Road Race

I liked Bill Lepchetz immediately. He is witty and smart and open. He is also homeless.  Not that long ago he was a wealthy porsche driving executive who lived in a country club community. A cocaine addiction promptly undid all

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An Extraordinary Life: Kevin Enners

I’ve always fancied myself an athlete. Mind you, the only basket I recall scoring as a kid was for the other team. But I do okay now. I’m active. I’m healthy. And I’m a complete slug compared to Kevin Enners.

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Man Without A Face

I was nervous to meet Donnie Fritts. I’d never interviewed someone missing most of their face. While the sight of Donnie is initially jarring, the man behind the missing face is gentle and kind — and enormously funny. It’s been

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Brian Banks – From Prison to Falcons Football

When Brian Banks smiled and shook my hand the first time we met, I was a bit dazzled. I’ve been lucky to meet lots of people, famous and infamous, but he is one of the few who radiated confidence and

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Little Free Library

Here’s where I think technology stinks. We’re at the point where we can get almost everything we need and want from the screen in front of us. We can pay bills, talk to friends, read books — without actually coming

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Chip’s Nation

I wasn’t prepared for this story. This was intended as a one year follow up to a story I’d told about a boy named Chip Madren. Chip was fighting an aggressive brain tumor and my first story about him focused

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Tutu Girl

This is that rare story that winds up being so much better than the initial pitch.  I thought it was the story of a wonderful Atlanta family that adopted a Chinese orphan who was a burn victim. That, in itself,

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