Doug Richards

Note the eybrows.

Note the eyebrows.

Doug Richards is a wry sort of fellow. An eyebrow-arching, smarmy, smirking kinda guy. A man who can gut you with a question or craftily constructed sentence.

But here’s the truth behind those bushy brows and words that jab like elbows.  He is at times almost shy, he is kind, and he is an enormously talented writer.

Many of us have been on the receiving end of Doug’s sometimes withering words in his blog, Live Apartment fire, where he gives us an insider’s  take on our highly dysfunctional world of television news. One held their breath when they saw their name on his website. His critiques were often humorous, sometimes brutal, but usually spot on — and his compliments, as I can attest, came as a welcome shock.doug friends

Doug is funny in a subversive, deadpan, self deprecating way. Which may explain why I thought he hated me. He doesn’t, but I give him no say in the matter.

He sits next to me and I gab non stop, talking and talking and wildly gesticulating, and talking some more. I think what I’m saying is delightful and engaging and thought provoking. His response is an arched brow or an almost imperceptible lift of one side of his mouth that  resembles a smile. Or a smirk.  Oh yeah, he digs me.

Doug and his lovely wife Jez. I love her. She's too good for him. He agrees.

Doug and his stunning wife Jez. I love her. She’s too good for him. He agrees.

This story from Doug is ancient — 15 years old. It may be my favorite. This is from his days at WAGA-TV.  Like Doug, it sneaks up on you and then hits you over the head with funny.

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10 comments on “Doug Richards
  1. Jim says:

    “Great dental agronomist Frank Zappa.” If I lived in Atlanta, I’d watch every newscast just waiting for another FZ reference from this fellow.

  2. Lea-Anne Jackson says:

    I see your relationship with Doug is very similar to mine. I’m still not sure he really likes me. LOVED on old WAGA story!

  3. Jill Becker says:

    He is so hot.

  4. People consistently mistake my gay and upbeat smile for a smirk, which sounds sinister and mean. My smiles are genuine, happy things, at all times. Especially at you J. “Jaye” Watson, no matter the fusillade of words you (or Lea-anne) may direct my way. You’re very kind to write this.

    And I do miss FZ. And Jill. And you observe correctly that I don’t deserve Mrs. LAF.

    • Jaye Watson says:

      Happy to share your ‘teef’ with people. And now that I know those ‘looks’ are big beaming smiles, I shall talk even more. What fun we will have.

  5. David Ries says:

    In a business filled with more than its share of hams, I always appreciate the wry that Doug provides!

  6. Stacey E says:

    Love Doug! He has had some brilliant pieces on tv. Great story here.

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