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Week 1

  It has been one week. For some of you, it’s the week your country started heading in a better direction. For others, it’s the week that everything you care about went to hell in a hand basket. We are

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In Between

Many years ago I stood in the doorway of my new studio apartment, one of my best friends facing me. We stared at each other, wordless, tears streaming down our faces. I didn’t want to close the door, because then it

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A Plea

The low point for me was when a neighbor had a sign stolen from her yard and posted about it in the security section of our neighborhood website. Fifty commenters chastised her for the name on that sign. They made

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The Break Up

There were signs I should have noticed. That’s always the way with hindsight. He was unhappy. Complaining. Even angry. I still didn’t think my husband would do it, even though he’d been threatening to do it for months. I mean, who

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About Those White Shirt Beach photos….

They say death and taxes are inevitable. I say so are the family photos that arrive at my house each Christmas. Specifically, The White Shirt Beach photo. I have to admit, the white is pretty perfect. It provides a lovely

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