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The Outside In

He definitely wasn’t reading. He kept flipping through the same pages, stopping and pretending to read, his eyes darting up to look around every 30 seconds or so. He was tucked into one of the few comfy chairs, one hand

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Gold Medal Mama

My after work snack the other day was smoked salmon on thin, golden toasted bread sprinkled with just the right amount of capers and minced red onion. Yesterday, I devoured homemade chicken salad, hand picked from a roasted chicken that

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Red Light Wake Up Call

“We’re never going to get there and I’m going to be late again. Why aren’t we moving?” He is wedged into my small backseat, his lanky, toothpick frame bulging with padding and hard plates beneath his hockey jersey. I am

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Up and Away

So sleepy. Oh so sleepy. The warmth of the sun is lulling me into a front seat stupor. I slow blink, reveling in the extra long red light. Why do they drink so much milk? I don’t even see them

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The Tap

Twenty-two years ago, God talked to me in my attic apartment. I never expected to write that sentence, much less expose myself to the sorts of thoughts some of you are thinking right now. Trust me, I’m with you. I

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The Earthquake

I opened my eyes for maybe the third or fourth time. That was a mistake. I was still in the coffin that was the MRI and when I saw, yet again, that the ceiling or whatever it was, was just

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The Magic Vest

It was a gorgeous wool vest marked down to next-to-nothing at my favorite thrift store, and that is really all I was thinking as I walked into the communal dressing room just as a woman’s wig popped off her head.

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Chip’s Nation

I wasn’t prepared for this story. This was intended as a one year follow up to a story I’d told about a boy named Chip Madren. Chip was fighting an aggressive brain tumor and my first story about him focused

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