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Gold Medal Mama

My after work snack the other day was smoked salmon on thin, golden toasted bread sprinkled with just the right amount of capers and minced red onion. Yesterday, I devoured homemade chicken salad, hand picked from a roasted chicken that

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Is It Yours?

The International Broadcast Center in Sochi is a cavernous place where halls stretch on forever, where one can walk miles in the building in a single day. It has to be big enough to hold 8,000 journalists. We nod as

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This Little Piggy

“You need an operation.” I so wish with all my heart that I could have been there to see the look on my photojournalist’s face when the Russian doctor made his pronouncement. Jon is my partner here in Sochi. He

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The Art of Communication

Communication is an art. And when it’s not, you say and do and eat the wrong things. My neck hurts. In the past two days, I have done more nodding and gesticulating than I have done in a long time. As

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