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I am four people away from getting my single Friday night margarita when I see my husband frantically waving me out of line at our favorite taco joint. I had been deep in conversation with a dad behind me who

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Ugly Vote

As a critic of people who try to portray perfection on social media, I need to call out — myself. I posted this photo yesterday after I voted. There we are, the mommy and her children, blissed out by the

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The Punch

They came tearing down the driveway, waving their skinny-as-toothpick arms, yelling. For a split second I thought they were excited, but as they drew closer, my middle aged eyes focused enough to see she was crying and he looked furious.

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Tiny Thimble

There’s nothing headier than a new friend crush. I become 14 again, cooing to my husband about all we have in common  — like kids! And husbands! And how we both don’t like that other mom who wears the hooker skirts

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If your life is great, we can’t be friends.

If your career is amazing and fulfilling, if your life as a stay at home mom is always blissful, if your children are brilliant and above grade average and they frolic on your manicured lawn in freshly ironed and monogrammed clothing,

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