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Black and Blue

A few years into my journalism career, I became friends with a fellow reporter. When you’re young in the business, small town newsrooms are makeshift college campuses, everyone living on next to nothing paychecks, far from home, pooling their resources

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I imagine I am Alison Parker, doing a live shot, yet another live shot, one of a dozen that will fill the work week. I imagine how the sun rises behind her in the moments before it happens, how her

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You’re going to have to take my word for several things in this story. For example, in a single day I breathed the same air as Brian Williams and Bob Schieffer and Leslie Stahl. I was also mortified that I

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Getting Schooled

I am dipping my plastic spoon into the tiramisu, wondering if I should have grabbed that giant slice of coconut cream cake instead(these are the sorts of serious thoughts I have in Sochi, Russia). With a mouth full of cream, I

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The Original Anchorman

Ted Hall is a silly man. Yes, he’s smart and has good journalistic sense. But he is also quietly hilarious, irreverent, and self deprecating. He can quote ‘Anchorman’ in a way that would make Ron Burgundy swell with pride. Ted is

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